llow Deputie〓s, The National De〓velopment and ●Reform Commission ●has been entrusted● by the State Counci◆l to report ◆on the implementatio〓n of the 200■9 plan for nati〓onal economic a〓nd social developm●ent and on the 〓2010 draft plan for ●national economi◆c and social develop●ment for your de◆liberation and ap○proval at th●e Third Session 〓of the Eleventh○ National Pe?/p> elated st○ori

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热门推荐 es:BEIJI●NG,

鬿ple's Congress (〓NPC), and als●o for comm●ents and suggestion◆s from the ■members of the Na●tional Com■mittee of the Chi〓nese People's Politi■cal Consult

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